Animal Krackers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is body balancing? 
Body balancing is a combination of several different modalities and techniques.
Pressure point therapy, myofascial release, to name a few; as well as, flexing and stretching for increased mobility and range of motion. Natural body alignment occurs when muscle spasms are released and the skeletal structure is allowed to return to its proper position without force.

How is this different from massage and chiropractic?
Massage is done for muscle release, increase circulation and often does get results with areas of soreness. However, it does not address the root of the problem deeper into the muscle in the facia.
Chiropractic is commonly done with such force that it can actually do damage to joints and nerves. Working with such force against tight muscles leaves a horse more sore and angry.

How long does a therapy session take to complete?
Often times it will take as long as 45 minutes, but this varies depending on how much work is needed.

How long do the result of a therapy session last?
There are many variables to consider here.
First are your horses feet perfectly level… When was the last time the horse had its teeth checked and worked on?
What is the horse is confirmational type and what is the horses discipline?
Does your attack bit fit properly… Or is closest possible? This of course can cause the horse soreness in the body.
Also, is the rider balanced?
The footing may give way, causing a slip or trip during the competition…
Often, horses animal crackers have done therapy on when rechecked a month or two later will need little or nothing if all the above mentioned are as close to perfect as possible.

Should I expect my horse to still be sore after a body balancing session?
No, providing the horse has no other health issues.

Why is my horse always coming up sore?
Look at all things your horse has to contend with first, to try and determine a cause.
Get your horse a well check by a licensed veterinarian.
Feet is close to level as possible? Teeth good shape? Tack perfect as possible? Writer balanced? Avoid aggressive Bodyworks that may actually be causing soreness.
Once you have illuminated all of the above and consulted with the veterinarian you may want to look at your feed program.

What causes a horse to get sore?
As mentioned above, there are very many variables. It is sometimes very frustrating to one by one, eliminate all the possible items that may be causing soreness.
The unbalance of the hooves can cost so much soreness throughout the body.
The unbalance of the mouth can cause tightness end of the neck and chest and eventually into the back.
The improper fitting saddle pinching or bridging on the back, or trapping the shoulders; will call the sore back and then by compensation the hips, hocks and stifles may also become sore.
The unbalance of a writer is one item that is often overlooked. Have a trained I watch you ride and get a few pointers as to where you can help your horse.

How soon can I ride my horse after body balancing is done?
It is best that the horse be moved about after about a Body Balancing therapy session.
(Hand walk lunch or ride) this helps the body, to remove the toxins that I’ve just been released from the muscles. As well as, allowing the horse to realize it is no longer sore, therefore able to do what is being asked; instead of being protective of a sore body. The sooner the horses ridden, the sooner it will feel better about its duties and perform better.

How often is it recommended to have body Body Balancing done?
How often do you use your horse, and what is the horse shoes for?
Most of our clients fine once every couple of months is great for their moderate competition level horses. However, we do see some training barns on a monthly basis. Pleasure(trail) horses are often fine with four times a year. Patrick house made only need two times a year.
Your horse will tell you, as your writing feel a change in stride and movement or a change in attitude this could be an indicator of discomfort. Listen to your horses body language.

Would Animal Krackers come to my barn and do Body Balancing on my horses?
Yes please look at our schedule and email or call and we can work in a stop.