As owners and competitors, we know how hard our equine athletes work and train. We love that we are able to use the years of experience as owners/ competitors to help all levels and disciplines of equines feel their best.

Owners and riders of equine athletes are always looking for an edge in performance. No matter if you ride for ribbons or pleasure, you always want your horse to be at his best. Body Balancing is a “whole” body therapy utilizing massage technique, myofascial release, pressure point therapy for increased circulation and range of motion. Adding to this, stretching and flexing to increase mobility. Non-chiropractic and non-soring!!

Just as the appreciation for massage therapy for human athletes has continued to grow, so too has the therapy’s benefits for horses gained respect and recognition.
Body Balancing differs from other forms of massage in that it focuses on the cause of the muscle soreness. This preventive maintenance is a major component in a horse’s total care. Used by Top Trainers and Veterinarians coast to coast. 

Benefits of Body Balancing 
• Assisting in balancing the whole body by treating the body as a whole
• Simulates circulation and releases endorphins –the body’s natural pain killers
• Creates a positive effect on contractual and release process of the muscle. When tension is released, muscles relax and natural body alignment follows.

1. Sixty percent of a horse’s body weight is muscle.
2. Muscle soreness can be the result of an injury, cooling down too fast, structural or symmetrical imbalance, over stretching, overuse or misuse.
3. If one set of muscles is tight, like humans; the horse will compensate and tense up other muscle groups.
4. Like us, horses anticipate pain. Their way of going then becomes short and choppy resulting in a horse unhappy and unwilling to be a partner.

Animal Krackers wants to be a part of your equine athlete’s health care team.
Allow us to work with your Veterinarian and Farrier to help keep your horse sound and winning, in the arena and in the pleasure of the ride.